Bird Treats

Treats can be used to provide enrichment and nutritional variety to pet & captive birds. We make a range of Avian Delight treat bars to encourage foraging behaviour in many species of birds. These are made with healthy natural ingredients including seed, fruit, nuts, vitamins & minerals and bound with edible gelatine (not glue).

Fruit & Nut is a delicious mix of high quality, dried ingredients fortified with the addition of Passwell Parrot Pellets.

Nectar plays a role in enriching the diet of species such as Lorikeets & Honeyeaters, and is available as a convenient Nectar Shake n Make pack.

  • Nutty Delight

    Avian Delight treat bar containing a combination of nuts & grain. Suitable for medium to large parrots including ringnecks, alexandrines, conures, amazons, macaws, rosellas and cockatoos.

    Key Features

    • Nut & grain treat enriched with protein & vitamins.
    • Shell grit for added calcium.
    • Edible gelatine binder (not glue).

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    Peanuts, Almonds, Mixed Nuts, Hulled Oats, Sunflower, Safflower, Sorghum, Japanese Millet, Shirohie Millet, French White Millet, Canola Seed, Linseed, Vegetable Oils, Shell Grit, Gelatine, Citric Acid, Vitamins & Minerals. Seasonal variation in ingredients may occur.

    Pack Sizes

    Individual bar minimum weight 75g net.

    Available in cartons of 24 x 75g bars (pictured).

    Also available as mixed cartons of Combo/Nutty/Fruity (8 each) and Budgie/Canary/Parrot/Combo/Nutty/Fruity (4 each).

    Feed as a treat to pet and aviary birds. Hang from cage using the attached wire. Feed over an open tray to collect any wastage.

    Caged birds are prone to over-eating and obesity so limit intake to one 75g bar per bird per week.

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