Lorikeets & Lories are specialised parrots that feed mainly on nectar & pollen from flowering plants. They have brush-tipped tongues for gathering their food and simple digestive tracts for the consumption of this sugar-rich liquid diet. Most species are not adapted to eat large amounts of starch or fibre found in seeds and pelleted foods, and these tend to bind-up the digestive tract.

We make specialised lorikeet foods that can be fed as a complete wet diet (Wombaroo Lorikeet & Honeyeater Food) or as either a wet or dry diet (Passwell Complete Lorikeet), plus a range of other treats and supplements.

  • Lorikeet Delight

    Avian Delight treat bar containing a combination of dried fruits including paw paw, pineapple & banana. Suitable for all lorikeets, lories and fruit-eating parrots.

    Key Features

    • Fruit treat specially designed for lorikeets.
    • No seeds or starches to aid digestion.
    • Edible gelatine binder (not glue).

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    Paw paw, Pineapple, Banana, Apple, Sultanas, Apricot, Dates, Honeydew, Cranberries, Gelatine, Citric Acid, Vitamins & Minerals. Seasonal variation in ingredients may occur.

    Pack Sizes

    Individual bar minimum weight 75g net.

    Available in cartons of 24 x 75g bars (pictured).

    Feed as a treat to pet and aviary birds. Hang from cage using the attached wire. Feed over an open tray to collect any wastage.

    Caged birds are prone to over-eating and obesity so limit intake to one 75g bar per bird per week.

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