Carnivorous Marsupials & Bandicoots

Carnivorous marsupials are a group of native mammals ranging from the small planigales, dunnarts & antechinus through to the larger phascogales, quolls and Tasmanian Devil. The small species are entirely insectivorous, with some of the large species taking vertebrate prey and carrion. Bandicoots & Bilbies are another group of native marsupials which have a more omnivorous diet, consisting of insects, invertebrates, fungi, bulbs, seed & some plant material. In captivity Wombaroo Small Carnivore Food can be used to supplement the insect component in the diet of both Carnivorous Marsupials and Bandicoots.

Being marsupials, all these species are born undeveloped and reside in the mother's pouch, before emerging and weaning on to solid food. Due to the rapid growth rate of these species they require a high protein, high fat milk which is best replicated by using Kangaroo Milk Replacer >0.7.

  • Insect Booster

    Insect Booster is used to improve the nutritional value of feeder insects such as crickets, woodies & mealworms.

    Key Features

    • Excellent source of calcium, vitamins & minerals.
    • Nutrients are incorporated into the body tissue of the feeder insect.
    • More efficient than dusting with calcium powder.

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    Pollard, calcium carbonate, whey & soy proteins, methionine, vegetable oils, omega-3 & 6 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals & carotenoids.


    Protein        13%
    Fat 5%      
    Calcium 15%        
    Vitamin E     1600mg/kg    
    Vitamin D3 65μg/kg     
    Lutein 120mg/kg  
    Astaxanthin 30mg/kg
    Zeaxanthin 16mg/kg

    Pack Sizes

     300g, 5kg & 20kg.

    For best results, supply Insect Booster to the feeder insects for 7-14 days prior to feeding out to animals. This maximises the uptake of nutrients (eg Calcium) into the body tissue of the insect. However, supplying Insect Booster to insects for as little as 2-3 days before feeding out will still have some nutritional benefit. Moisture should always be available to insects and can be supplied as a piece of wet sponge, fruit or vegetable.

    Adult Insects (including crickets & woodies)

    Supply Insect Booster as a dry powder in a shallow bowl or plate. Insect Booster should be used as a complete diet for adult insects and does not require other foods to be added.

    Juvenile Insects (mealworms & fly pupae)

    Make a 50/50 mixture of Insect Booster with bran and supply as the substrate in which the pupae live.

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