Possums & Gliders

Possums are mostly tree-dwelling (arboreal) marsupials, a family which includes brushtails, cuscus, ringtails, gliders & pygmy possums. Depending on the species, possums may be considered as generalist omnivores (eg brushtails) or specialist leaf-eaters or folivores (eg ringtails & greater glider). Other species feed on insects and plant exudates like sap & nectar (sugar gliders & pygmy possums). Being marsupials, they are born extremely undeveloped and remain in the mother's pouch during early development. The young exit the pouch once fully-furred and continue to consume mother's milk until weaning on to solid foods.
Possum milk changes in composition over the course of lactation. We make 2 different stages of Possum Milk Replacer to cater for the different nutritional needs of the developing joey.

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  • Possum Milk Replacer >0.8
  • High Protein Supplement
  • Impact Colostrum Supplement
  • Small Carnivore Food
  • Cosy Heat Pad
  • Good Oil for Animals
  • Teat LD
  • Teat P
  • Teat SD
  • Teat STM
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