Reptiles comprise a large variety of species with a wide range of nutritional requirements:

  • Small Skinks, Geckos, Juvenile Bearded Dragons: Insectivorous
  • Blue-tongue Lizards, Shinglebacks, Adult Bearded Dragons: Omnivorous
  • Short-necked Turtles: Omnivorous (aquatic)
  • Long-necked Turtles: Carnivorous (aquatic)
  • Snakes & Goannas: Carnivorous

However, in captivity, a lack of dietary variety commonly leads to disorders such as Metabolic Bone Disease. To overcome nutritional deficiencies we recommend to use Wombaroo Reptile Supplement. This versatile product can be added to meat-mixes, fruit & veg mixes, made as soft pellets or fed as a slurry. Other products include Insect Booster for fortifying the nutritional value of feeder insects such as crickets, mealworms & cockroaches.

  • Reptile Supplement

    Reptile Supplement is used to balance the diet of captive reptiles including turtles, dragons, lizards & snakes. 

    Key Features

    • Contains over 50% protein, plus essential fatty acids, vitamins & minerals.
    • Used to supplement fruit & veg, meat, insects or whole-body prey items.
    • Elevated levels of calcium and vitamin D3 for healthy bone growth

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     Serving Suggestion- mixed with chopped vegetables (click on image to enlarge)


    Whey protein, soy protein, meat meal, fish meal, blood meal, mannan oligosaccharides, β-glucans, lysine, methionine, vegetable oils, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids (including EPA & DHA), carotenoids, taurine, vitamins A, B1,B2,B6, B12,C,D3,E,K, nicotinamide, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid, choline, inositol, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, iodine, selenium.


    Protein 55%
    Fat 14%
    Carbohydrate 13%
    Ash 11%
    Calcium 2.3%
    Vitamin D3 1000 IU/kg
    Metabolisable Energy (ME) 17 MJ/kg

    Pack Sizes

     250g, 1kg & 5kg.

    Using Reptile Supplement

    To feed as Meat-mix: Mix 10g Reptile Supplement (1 scoop) with 20g minced meat, fish or hard-boiled egg plus 1 part water. Add extra water to moisten if necessary. Mix in live insects to encourage feeding.

    To feed as Veg-mix: Mix 10g Reptile Supplement (1 scoop) with 50g finely diced fruit or vegetables.

    To feed as Soft Pellets:Mix 20g powder (2 scoops) to 12mL of water. Slowly add the water and mix into a putty-like consistency. Break-off small pieces and roll into soft pellets and feed. Drinking water should always be available.

    To feed as a Liquid Slurry

    Add 10g (1 scoop) of Reptile Supplement with 25mL of warm water.

    Mix well and let stand for 1 minute to absorb all the water. If too thick, add a little extra water and re-mix. If necessary the mixture may need to be sieved to pass through a finer gauge crop needle or feeding tube. The mixture should be fed at about 30ºC. Prepared liquid slurry may be mixed 50/50 with canine recovery formula (e.g. Hills a/d™) to enhance texture and palatability.

    Use as a critical care formula for sick, injured or inappetent reptiles.


    Freshwater turtles are mainly carnivorous (long-necked) or omnivorous (short-necked) and feed underwater on slow-moving aquatic prey such as yabbies, insect larvae, tadpoles and small fish. Feed captive turtles a variety of live food and Reptile Supplement prepared as Soft Pellets or Meat-mix. Avoid contaminating the aquarium by removing any uneaten food. Do not overfeed.

    Larger Skinks & Dragons

    The larger lizards such as adult blue-tongues, shinglebacks and bearded dragons are omnivorous and eat a variety of plants as well as snails, insects and other invertebrates. Feed a variety of vegetables and insects with Reptile Supplement prepared as either Soft Pellets, Meat-mix or Veg-mix.

    Small Skinks, juvenile dragons & Geckos

    These are mainly insectivorous and should be fed a variety of live food and Reptile Supplement prepared as Meat-mix or mixed with water to form a moist crumble.

    Goannas & Snakes

    These reptiles are predators and scavengers eating insects, small lizards, snakes, birds, mammals and carrion. Feed these reptiles whole bodies stuffed with Reptile Supplement at the rate of 5g per 50g of food carcass weight.

    Feed Estimates (for reptiles housed at 30ºC)

    Feed estimate at 25ºC = value in table x 0.7

    Feed estimate at 35ºC = value in table x 1.5

    Table gives daily feed estimates. For reptiles fed less frequently, multiply values by the number of days between each feed.

    Mix / Pellets
    Liquid Slurry
    Mix / Pellets
    Veg Mix
    Liquid Slurry
    5 0.2 0.4 0.3 300  4 10  6
    10 0.3 0.6 0.4 500 6 14 9
    25 0.6 1.3 0.8 750 8 18 12
    50 1.0 2.2 1.5 1000 9 22 15
    75 1.5 3.0 2.0 1500 12 30 20
    100 2.0 4.0 3.0 2000 14 40 25
    150 2.5 5.0 4.0 3000 18 50 33
    200 3.0 6.0 5.0 4000 24 65 40

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