Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are herbivorous rodents that have a well-developed caecum (hind gut) for fermentation of plant material. They require a high fibre diet consisting mostly of grass and hay. Unlike other small mammals, guinea pigs have a have a special dietary requirement for Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) which they obtain from fresh plant material and leafy green vegetables.

Young guinea pigs are born well-developed (precocial), fully furred, eyes open and mobile soon after birth. They have a high requirement for protein in early life to sustain their rapid growth rate, and this is provided by the mother's milk for upto 3 weeks of age.

Our products include Guinea Pig Milk Replacer, hand-rearing accessories as well as healthy supplements and treats for adult guinea pigs.

  • Guinea Pig Milk Replacer
  • Clover Pellets
  • Guinea Pig Delight
  • Impact Colostrum Supplement
  • Cosy Heat Pad
  • Good Oil for Animals
  • Multi-vite for Animals
  • Teat P
  • Multi-Clens
  • Bottle