Zoo Animals

With many zoos and wildlife parks focused on captive breeding programmes, nutritional aspects on a wide range of mammals are being investigated. With assistance from zoos, we have produced products which provide essential nutrients to improve diets for carnivores and primates. We can also manufacture milk replacers from an exhaustive list of mammal species kept in zoos.

  • Milk for Zoo Animals

    Wombaroo can supply species specific milk replacers for most mammals kept by zoos and wildlife parks. Some of the formulations used by zoos and institutions around the world include:

    Big Cats  Other Carnivores Herbivores  Primates
     Tiger Milk Replacer  Hyena Milk Replacer Antelope Milk Replacer Primate Milk Replacer
     Lion Milk Replacer  Sun Bear Milk Replacer Camel Milk Replacer Marmoset Milk Replacer
     Leopard Milk Replacer  Otter Milk Replacer Rhino Milk replacer  Lemur Milk Replacer
     Cheetah Milk Replacer  Sea Lion Milk Replacer Hippo Milk Replacer
     Puma Milk Replacer   Elephant Milk Replacer


    Our Expertise Includes:

    • A comprehensive database of published milk composition information for a range of exotic mammals.
    • A variety of specialist raw materials that can be used to replicate specific attributes of exotic mammal milks.
    • Production capability to formulate small batches for specific animals.

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