Low Lactose Milk

Most low lactose formulas are prepared from modified cow’s milk by converting the lactose into simple sugars. This process does not alter the protein or fat content in the cow’s milk, which is quite inappropriate for other species. For example, cow’s milk protein only contains 20% whey protein, but the milk of many domestic animals and marsupials contain up to 50% whey protein. Whey protein is excellent for growth and development of young animals as it has elevated levels of essential amino acids and taurine. Products made from modified cow’s milk are therefore likely to be nutritionally deficient for other species. Similarly, the fat in cow’s milk is mostly saturated with low levels of essential omega-3 fatty acids. Fat in the milk of many other animals is more highly unsaturated and contains high levels of linolenic acid, an important omega-3 fatty acid.

We manufacture Formula One which is a superior low lactose milk product because it is made from fortified ingredients blended together to produce a milk that is low in lactose yet contains more whey protein, taurine, unsaturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids than modified cow’s milk products. Click on the link below for more details.