Ferrets are the domesticated form of the polecat, which comes from the weasel family. They are obligate carnivores, which means that meat is the primary source of nutrition in the diet. Their all-meat diet is naturally high in fat and protein with very little carbohydrate and fibre. Ferrets fed on home-made diets are often prone to nutritional deficiency, so may benefit from fatty acid, vitamin, mineral or taurine supplementation. Wombaroo Small Carnivore Food can be mixed in with wet food to help balance out nutritional deficiencies. Carni-vite can be mixed in with raw meat to make a balanced diet.
Young ferrets are fed a milk that is also high in protein and fat, which is nutritionally similar to Dog Milk. For this reason we recommend to feed orphaned ferrets on Wombaroo Dog Milk Replacer. This product also contains elevated levels of taurine which is an essential nutrient that is required by developing ferret kits.